Our Story & Mission

PacDyn Ventures Inc exists to become the industry-leading premier service provider offering end to end holistic go-to-market solutions for the Wellness Industry – “WELLNESS WORLDWIDE".

Our mission is simple - To provide multi-channel go-to-market solutions for the Wellness Industry so that anyone across the globe can benefit from the absolute BEST holistic wellness products the world has to offer.

In accomplishing this mission, PacDyn Ventures Inc has partnered with top brands across the Wellness Industry. Currently, we are the proud provider and distributor of two distinct products for the Wellness Conscious Lifestyle. Those brands are Diabliss Low Glycemic Index Foods & Tyent USA Water For Wellness.

We also proudly partner with local retail stores to distribute our range of specialty food products and make all of our products conveniently available for purchase online as well.

Diabliss Low Glycemic Index Food Products are perfect for the Wellness Conscious Lifestyle. Diabliss range of products include Pure Cane Sugar with Herbal Extract Blend, Instant Mango Drink Mix, Spiced Lemonade Instant Drink Mix, Mixed Fruit Jam, Spice Tea & Fruit Tea Variety Pack.

Low Glycemic Foods ensure a better control of blood sugar – these foods are slowly digested and absorbed causing a slower rise in the blood sugar. The GI ( Glycemic Index ) measures how carbohydrates affect your blood glucose levels, helping you choose foods for good health.

Diabliss combines the health benefits of seven natural herbs - Cinnamon, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Pomegranate, Ginger, Black Pepper & Indian Gooseberry blended with pure cane sugar to reduce the low glycemic index of the sugar. This low glycemic sugar is used in all the Diabliss products - Drink Mixes, Flavored Teas & Jam. All Products have a glycemic index of less than 55!

Tyent Water Ionizers are the BEST water ionizer filters in the world! Tyent Water Ionizers create ionized alkaline water using a .01 micron filtration level to ensure the cleanest, healthiest and safest alkaline water. Tyent ionized water contains antioxidants - the secret is the molecular hydrogen in Tyent ionized alkaline water that neutralizes free radicals to help support the immune system and provides anti- aging benefits, boosts energy, detoxifies, promotes heart health and many more benefits.

Tyent water ionizers feature chemical free ionization with high levels of molecular hydrogen leading to the highest antioxidant production levels available in ionized alkaline water ionizers.

PacDyn offers the Tyent UCE 11 - the under counter model and Tyent ACE 13 - the over the counter model.

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